Welcome to the Internet site of WIM, Wholesalers of Installation Materials! WIM is a co-operation of seven European wholesalers. Its head office is based in the Netherlands; founded in February 2003.


All WIM members are active in the fields of sanitary ware, climate control and installation materials. Most of them are also present in the electrical installation market. They have something else in common; they are always first or second market leader in each country. The total group has a sales turnover of approximately 5.4 billion Euro.
The current members are:
  • Grafton in Ireland and UK
  • AO Johansen in Denmark
  • Onninen in Finland
  • Agilo in France
  • CRH with the companies:
    • Sax, Schrauwen and Lambrechts in Belgium
    • Paulsen Group in Germany
    • Gétaz-Miauton, Richner and Regusci Reco in Switzerland
  • Cambielli Edilfiruli Group in Italy
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Reason for its existence

There are two main reasons why WIM was established.
In our markets, there is a general concentration tendency; not only amongst our suppliers, but also between competitors and customers. Bigger market parties ask for adequate responses. The tried and trusted ways of doing business has transformed due to market changes. In order to stay competitive, our members need to invest, not only in material assets but particularly in knowledge and market leadership. By learning from other colleagues, these investments can be limited.

Secondly, for the same competitive reasons, our members need more volume to bring their costs down. By putting volumes together, lower prices and logistical costs are obtained. Next to that, more and more production is now being transferred to the Far East. Not to avail the members' businesses of the opportunities this offers, by combining purchasing volumes, the high volumes can be reached that are essential for successful procurement in the Far East.


The activities of WIM consist of several elements:
  • By combining the buying volume of the members it is possible to obtain better purchase prices and lower logistical costs.
  • Through regular meetings of each member's purchasers, all experts in their fields, relevant information is shared regarding market developments on the supply side. This can help members to determine their purchase strategy or to find new sources and products.
  • Through a dedicated purchase office in the Far East the group has easy access to Far East producers.


If you are interested in our activities, or require more information, you can send an email by clicking here.
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